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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Perhaps one of the least remarked nuclear plants in the US was the plant of the Saxton Nuclear Experimental Corporation, labeled usually by the AEC (NRC/DOE) as the SNPF or Saxton Nuclear Power Facility. This Westinghouse PWR in the roughly 60 MWt range was operated for most of the 60's and just into the 70's as an addition to an existing plant (somewhat like Elk River, an ACF Nuclear / Allis-Chalmers indirect cycle BWR and Piqua, an Atomics International organic-moderated and organic-cooled reactor with superheat, both of which supplied steam to existing power plant turbine generators.)

We aren't here today to give a monograph presentation on SNPF, though; we're here to provide a link to an excellent page by GTS Technologies on their part in the DECON stage of the SNPF's life. Click here to see it and be sure to click on the link at the bottom for some very interesting photos that give a much better appreciation for the engineering and work required to get this project done.

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