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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Comanche 3 & 4 .. ?

I've just finished reading this article, which seems to me to be a very well-balanced piece on the future plans for additional units at Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station, in Texas. A good if brief background on construction of Units 1 & 2 is given; both are Westinghouse 4-loop plants (PWR) with Unit 1 rated 3612 MWt / 1200 MWe and Unit 2 rated 3458 MWt / 1150 MWe.

As described in the article, construction of these plants was extremely protracted; the NRC issued construction permits for both on December 19, 1974 and the plants were finally able to supply power to the grid in 1990 (Unit 1) and 1993 (Unit 2.)

Units 3 and 4 are to be Mitsubishi Advanced PWR plants rated over 4400 MWt each. Incidentally, two new (replacement) steam generators, built in Japan by Mitsubishi, were just delivered for installation at San Onofre 3 in California. See them here.

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