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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anti-nuke without a clue

This article on an admittedly liberal "news" site is just irritating. However, this is just one brand of stupidity we face. The quote "wealthy nuclear power industry" and its use in anything other than a joke is just ludicrous.

I linked another article from .. I can't recall where .. last week and the link is still of course in the blog archive. That article gave a capacity factor for installed wind turbine power in the United States at something right around 30%. Nuclear capacity factor was on average somewhere around 90%. Does anyone think that wind and solar are the answers to our overloaded and underpowered electric grid in the United States? Not at 30% capacity factor. There's too much money in THAT angle- the "green" angle - for no payoff to the end users. There's just feeling that you are behind something good, which is nice but at the end of the day will still leave you in the dark. It's time to get more educated out there, libs!

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