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Monday, June 28, 2010

Yankee dirt to move West

Because Vermont Yankee is in the spotlight right now for two reasons (contaminated ground water, and the state legislature's decision not to allow an operating extension past next year) it might be good for the sake of complete coverage to check out the information and slant found in this article. This is one of those kinds of articles that haunts the ear but confuses the mind; on first read it sounds fairly condemning but on second read, to those of us who know what's what, it isn't really that serious. At least not to me. But, hey; I'm pro-nuclear. "Pro-nuclear" with experience directly with nuclear power, that is, not anti-nuclear with no experience whatsoever with nuclear power. I'm not making a comment against the author with this assertion; I'm just stating my position, which those who read this blog regularly already know. Anyway, check out the article so you're up to speed.

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