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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Typewriter Convention Travelogue; Finale

No update was made for Saturday nite; I was too tired!

The meeting that Richard held was, due mainly to Richard but also due to the input of everyone involved, EPIC. Further attendees included Alan Seaver (soon to be made co-webmaster of my sites,) Mike Brown, Jack Knarr, William Lawson, Jerry Lee Atwood, Devin Thompson (Duffymoon!) and his wife, Jett Morton and his fantastically supportive and fun parents, Gabe Burbano and his wife and son, and all the folks mentioned previously on the blog here. I hope I am not leaving anyone out - if I did I'll make an edit!

Events took place Saturday at Richard's all day, with dinner out in town at a German place. (Awesome Wiener Schnitzel a la Holstein, by the way.) Sunday was a movin' around day with the big antique show down in Kentucky, brunch in Burlington, Kentucky at a really trendy and happening bistro, followed by a tour of Richard's office and then a little wind-down at Richard's.

In whole, the functions were grand, including lots of showing and telling. Machines from collections all over the eastern and upper midwestern US were displayed, and we saw Richard Polt's collection both at home and at his office. I was given a personal tour later on of Richard's workshop which is really just as perfect as you could get, and Richard and I finished the afternoon not only talking typewriters (that means pulling out machines, looking at patents and past articles and his massive reference library) and discussing many, many past, present and perhaps future events but also eating one more kind of local cuisine (Skyline Chili- awesome!) and taking a scenic tour of local highlights.

I'm very sure that ETCetera will feature a writeup, as will probably Typex, so I won't go into detail here blow-by-blow except to say that this weekend's events were better than I could have imagined. I reinforced a number of internet-only friendships that have existed from the halcyon days of my constant website work and work for ETCetera, and made a bunch of new friends too. The machines were fabulous, and the stories and laughs were even better. Just absolutely grand.


  1. Thanks, Will!

    And now I'm remembering the words of Dr. Seuss: Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened.

  2. It was really great (and just a bit bizarre) to meet up with people whose names I've seen online for a few years now.

    Was certainly neat to have a chance to get to know you, Will. I'm certainly glad I broke out of my normal seclusion to come to this.