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Friday, June 18, 2010

Typewriter Convention Travelogue 4

About T minus 2 hr 50 min until launch here; expecting to arrive at my hotel around 3 or probably 4 PM down there in Cincinnati. Full tank of gas, and first experimental deployment of Prestone (tm) BUGWASH washer fluid. They make promises. We shall see.

I'm considering a plan deviation upon departure since I could conceivably go north on I-75 and swing by Piqua, Ohio to photograph the Piqua Nuclear Power Facility. It's easily visible from a nature path built right by it. Not sure yet. Wouldn't that make this really kind of the Mecca pilgrimage overall for me?

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  1. Hey, I know Piqua! Long ago, I used to drive around in a Cadillac hearse that was built at the Miller-Meteor plant in Piqua. The commercial-length Cadillac chassis were shipped down from Detroit by train and the hearse bodies and interiors added by Miller-Meteor. Last I saw, the plant is now an Ajax underwear factory.